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You may think with a name like “Vitamin Water” this would be a no-brainer; however, you might want to rethink that!

The nutrition label would be a great place to start. The calorie count alone is mind-blowing! In 20 fluid ounces you are about to consume 120 calories. I thought this was “water”!

Look a bit further … 32 grams of sugar. Sure, if you are a dentist, this is job security, but do you really want this “water” to go straight to your hips?

It is nice that it has no added sodium. One thing the label hasn’t told you is the pH. It’s very acidic, so that “water” is really wreaking havoc on your teeth.

Perhaps you should just go fill up your old-fashioned water bottle at the sink, and be sure to eat your veggies. Or better yet, refuel with some SmartWater after your athletic events.