Our practice has been on the forefront of eco-dentistry. We place a high priority on doing all we can to protect the environment. Dr. Pam Crumrine has been an amalgam-free practice for nearly two decades. Additionally, our practice went paperless and digital in 2007. We use online patient forms, text appointment reminders, and use only digital radiography and patient charting. We therefore are not adding unwanted chemicals to the environment or exposing our patients to traditional amounts of radiation.

In 2019, we are adding environmentally-friendly patient care packs. Our toothbrushes are made from bamboo and are biodegradable. We have also partnered with TerraCycle®. Patients are able to bring in their empty toothpaste tubes and caps, empty floss dispensers, plastic toothbrushes, and all packaging from the aforementioned for us to recycle.

We welcome you to contact our office at 724-775-4860 today to learn more about eco-dentistry in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and book an appointment with our dentist.

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