Dental Sealants | General Dentistry in Beaver, PA
It is never too early to begin promoting good oral health, and dental sealants are especially powerful in protecting your child’s teeth. Sealants (thin, plastic coatings) are painted onto the chewing surfaces of teeth to act as a protective barrier. The chewing surfaces of your teeth, especially on your pre-molars and molars, are made of deep ridges and grooves that are often difficult to clean properly and are prone to damaging bacteria build-up. Sealants create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and shield the enamel of growing teeth from decay. In Beaver, Pennsylvania, sealants are one of the simplest treatments we offer.

In our office sealants can be applied in just a few minutes. After the chosen tooth is cleaned and dried, it is dabbed with a gentle acid solution to roughen your tooth enamel. This helps the sealant form a stronger bond with the surface of the tooth. Your tooth is rinsed and dried again. To apply the sealant, we will gently paint it onto the tooth enamel and then harden it with a special light. While sealants are most useful for our younger patients, adults can benefit from sealants if they have not experienced tooth decay on their back teeth and do not have any existing dental restorations. To learn more about the benefits of sealants, please contact our friendly dental team today. Our number is 724-775-4860.

We are eager to protect your smile!