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I was recently made aware of the ingredients contained in meal substitutes which are often given to medically compromised patients or those unable to eat a regular diet for one reason or another.

Pathetically, these products are not only full of chemicals which are difficult to pronounce, but the second ingredient is sugar! The third ingredient is often corn syrup! How on earth is one to heal properly when we are not giving them adequate and proper nutrition?

I suggest a better alternative would be to use a blender and place fresh fruits and vegetables in it.

Better yet, remember grandma’s chicken soup? Even straight chicken stock has so much more nutritional value. By adding a small amount of ground turmeric, ground ginger, and a pat of butter to chicken stock, you can make a soothing broth packed with nutrients for better health.┬áSo rethink store-bought meal replacements and pick up some chicken stock instead, preferably a low sodium one.

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