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If you quit smoking this new year, we want to congratulate you on a giant step forward in your overall health!

The link between smoking and periodontal disease is a well-established one. Though quitting will not bring back any bone that has already been lost, it will certainly give you the best opportunity to achieve your optimal dental health and stop the periodontal disease process.

Begin by making a dental appointment to have a full examination for periodontal disease. By having scaling and root planing to thoroughly clean all the surfaces of the teeth, the oral tissues will be able to reattach to the healthy teeth and begin the healing process in your mouth. Having your teeth properly maintained at a three-month interval will best ensure that the disease process remains arrested.

Remembering that the oral structures that support and surround the teeth are just as important as the teeth themselves. This means that you truly realize that this is the foundation of a healthy mouth. Maintaining your periodontal condition will enable you to have a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.