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Did your 2018 include a resolution to begin an exercise program? We would encourage you to keep up the good work, but with a word of caution.

There is a link between athletes and an increased risk of higher dental erosion and more cavities. The reason seems to be twofold, and the dental literature supports two reasons for this connection.

First and foremost, most athletes tend to drink sports drinks…and sports drinks are loaded with sugar.¬†Additionally, most athletes will mouth breathe during the workout. Now, when one mouth breathes, the teeth dry out and saliva flow is reduced.

Both of these factors create an environment that allows the bacteria present in the oral cavity to thrive. Basically, you have just made a spa for their colony. Congratulations!

So, how can you combat this? First, drink Smartwater instead of sports drinks. It does not contain added sugar. It will also bathe the teeth in water and keep them hydrated since you will probably continue to mouth breathe during your workout.

Second, using a toothpaste like Pronamel will make the teeth stronger. You can also ask your dentist or hygienist to apply a fluoride varnish after each of your dental cleanings. Fluoride varnish strengthens the teeth and makes them less susceptible to dental decay.

So, don’t skip the workout, just be sure to pick up some Smartwater!