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As harvest time draws to a close, I am reminded why my husband and I started gardening as a young couple. In fact, we both grew up gardening with our parents. The idea is, if you grow vegetables, you will eat vegetables. I have always felt this way.

As our own young family grew, we included our children in the gardening process. Don’t get me wrong, it slowed us down immensely. Well, it didn’t completely impede our progress, but it did hamper it. But in the end, it was worth every extra hour spent together.

Now, our adult children both eat vegetables! They both shop at local farmers markets when they are not at home. They both love to cook. Now I can’t promise you the latter, but I can tell you that your children will benefit greatly from growing their own gardens.

Begin good lifelong habits early on. The easiest way is to start a garden next spring, even if it is simply growing kitchen counter herbs. Because beginning is everything!

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