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For those of you beginning 2018 with a New Year’s juice cleanse, here are a few things to remember to be mindful of your dental health.

First and foremost, use straws to keep the acidity of the vegetable and fruit juices off the enamel surfaces of your teeth. When the body’s intake is in liquid form, saliva does not naturally enter the oral cavity as it does when we chew solid foods. This leaves the teeth without the added advantage of the saliva’s natural ability to buffer the acidity of the juices.

Second, be sure to hydrate. This also has the added benefit of remineralizing the enamel, if you do not use straws when drinking the water throughout the day. Remember, it takes teeth 24 hours to remineralize. Drinking water is the best way to accomplish both goals in one fell swoop.

Finally, when you’re at your regular check-up and cleaning appointments, be sure to request that adult fluoride varnish be applied each time. This is a very simple measure that’s incredibly cost-effective.

Fluoride varnish decreases sensitivity, increases enamel strength, and makes the teeth less resistant to wear and less susceptible to decay. At the cost of less than a manicure, it seems rather obvious that this is a wise investment, especially for those doing any type of juice cleanse.

Happy New Year from all of us at Dr. Pam Crumrine, Family Dentistry!