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No matter your age, the risk for oral accident or injury is always present. Because the last of your permanent teeth grow in when you are only a teen, the dangers for permanent tooth loss follow can follow you for many decades. However, permanent tooth loss does not mean you are left with gaping holes in your mouth for the rest of your life.

Dentures can give you back a full smile, even if you are only missing a few teeth. Partial dentures are capable of replacing just a few missing teeth, whereas complete dentures can restore your smile if you need a complete oral overhaul. Not only will dentures restore your smile, it will return your facial structure to normal and make you look much younger too.

If you leave empty spaces between teeth, you increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease in your other teeth remaining. This is because the gaps can become infected or become home to bacteria and food residue, which may be easy to miss when brushing. Empty gaps in your smile also destabilize your gum tissue and can cause nearby teeth to move and slide from their positions.

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