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Many people are nervous, or even anxious leading up to their biannual professional cleaning. An individual may be nervous because of the strange noises or prodding going on in their mouth. However, for most people, professional teeth cleaning is quite simple and painless. If you know what is going on during your checkup, you can relax and have a more pleasant experience. Our dentist and team at are happy to explain the process to you.

Our dental hygienist will begin the process by removing plaque and tartar from all surfaces of the teeth. A scaler will be used for this process. It can get rid of the plaque and tartar around the gum line as well as between your teeth. You will hear some scraping during the process. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

After all of the tartar has been removed from your teeth, our hygienist will brush them with a high-powered electric brush. The brush will make a grinding noise. This is nothing to worry about and is completely normal. This bush is a great way to deep clean your teeth.

Even if you floss regularly at home, an expert flossing by our hygienist is incredibly useful. Our dental hygienist can get deep between the teeth and detect any potential issues where the gums may bleed during your professional flossing session. Your flossing session will also remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from your professional cleaning.

After your mouth is rinsed, you will receive a fluoride treatment. This will strengthen your enamel and provide extra protection against cavities. You can choose which flavor you prefer and our hygienist will apply it to your teeth in a foam, varnish, or gel form.

At this point, Dr. Pam Crumrine will examine your teeth and gums. If signs of gingivitis, cavities, or other concerns are detected, she will go over your treatment options with you.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about teeth cleaning in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and to schedule your next visit.