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Would you like to keep your teeth looking their whitest? Here are three simple, do-it-yourself methods that you can try at home for maintaining a beautiful smile.

First and foremost, drink more water. Dilute the dark, pigmented foods and beverages (especially things like ketchup and soy sauce, which folks often forget about) by drinking lots of water. Nature’s perfect beverage also helps to keep the pH of your mouth neutral, so the teeth are less likely to be damaged. Demineralized teeth are more susceptible to stains and decay.

Use straws to keep beverages off the teeth. Straws help to keep staining pigments and acidity away from the teeth. And straws are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your teeth whiter.

Lastly, our office offers a variety of whitening options, from convenient pens to in-office services. The longest-lasting whitening is gel that’s applied at home in custom trays. We are happy to help you select the best product for your needs.

We also have day and night options available, and there’s even a “lifetime option.” For more information on these teeth-whitening options, just click the whitening tab on the homepage of our website,

If you’re interested in preserving and protecting the bright, white appearance of your smile, please contact my dental office in Beaver, Pennsylvania, at 724-775-4860. We are here to help you!