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Is poultry really as healthy as we are led to believe? Considering all the antibiotic usage, overcrowding, the types of chickens raised for everyday American consumption, poultry is probably not healthy, in my opinion. If you are truly eating free-range poultry, organically fed, perhaps you have a point.

I believe we need certain things in our diet that can only be attained by eating red meat. And with this in mind, I personally subscribe to consuming grass-fed beef and lamb, along with free-range poultry. It’s important to remember that moderation in our diet is essential.

Remember, if a chicken’s breasts are bred to become so large that its poor legs cannot sustain its own weight, forcing it to live its last days crushed and sitting in its own feces, waiting to become your next meal, then this might not be the way you want your food to be sourced.

There are poultry sources that are not raised this way, but they are far and away in the minority and must be sought out. Beef can be the same way. Know where your food comes from. Read labels. You are what you eat.