Come in For a Teeth-Whitening Treatment Today

Our dentist, Dr. Pamela Crumrine in Beaver, Pennsylvania, understands why many people want a whiter smile. However, many people are causing harm to their teeth or not understanding the options they have for teeth-whitening treatments. That is why we are happy to provide this information for you on how to... Read more »

Is There a Link Between Periodontal Disease and Breast Cancer?

A new study suggests a link between periodontal disease and breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Other pathogens have been linked to oral cancer. The risk for these cancers increases for those who smoke. Microorganisms found in the mouth have been found in breast tumors. There are some associations among certain... Read more »

The Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

More than three out of four adults are living with some form of gum disease. Often this disease goes undiagnosed. This may be because the patient feels fine, avoids the dentist, and medical doctors rarely discuss oral health issues with patients. There are now two specific links between oral health... Read more »

Diabetes Can Be Manifest Through Your Oral Health

Diabetes can be evident in your oral health in two ways: Gum disease may be the first sign of a possible problem with your sugar level. Though this is not always the case, if you notice some bleeding when you brush or floss, it may be an early sign of... Read more »

The Dental Link: Strokes

Did you know that oral health can be linked to brain health? Gum disease can be an indicator for stroke, and there are even associations between certain types of strokes and the presence of oral bacteria. Streptococcus mutans, or strep mutans for short, is present in about 10 percent of... Read more »

Is a Good Night’s Sleep Necessary for Healthy Teeth and Gums?

Studies have shown that for the healthiest teeth and gums, one needs between seven and eight hours of sleep per night. In addition, the rest should be continual. So, if the sleep is interrupted by periods of waking, it isn't as beneficial as solid blocks of uninterrupted sleep. It is actually the... Read more »

Exercise and Your Dental Health

Did your 2018 include a resolution to begin an exercise program? We would encourage you to keep up the good work, but with a word of caution. There is a link between athletes and an increased risk of higher dental erosion and more cavities. The reason seems to be twofold,... Read more »

It’s a New Year! Let’s Floss Daily!

If you were looking for a wonderful New Year's resolution, there just couldn't be a better one than flossing daily. So, if you are one of the many people who started 2018 off with this great new habit — here's to you! Flossing daily is a habit that will have... Read more »

Did You Quit Smoking This New Year?

If you quit smoking this new year, we want to congratulate you on a giant step forward in your overall health! The link between smoking and periodontal disease is a well-established one. Though quitting will not bring back any bone that has already been lost, it will certainly give you... Read more »

New Year’s Juice Cleanse?

For those of you beginning 2018 with a New Year's juice cleanse, here are a few things to remember to be mindful of your dental health. First and foremost, use straws to keep the acidity of the vegetable and fruit juices off the enamel surfaces of your teeth. When the... Read more »