Straws vs. Sippy Cups

For children ready to venture off the bottle and onto bigger and better things, what should a parent choose? I get asked this a lot. As a dental professional, I can tell you that the best choice when drinking water is to teach your child to drink from a cup.... Read more »

Careful Shopping Can Help You Find the Right Toothpaste

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day as the first step of an effective, daily oral hygiene routine. Along with flossing once each day, this will help to remove plaque and food particles from your mouth and prevent tartar from hardening on your teeth. Finding the... Read more »

Your Dental Checkup Can Be a Good Time to Have Dental Sealants Applied to Your Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental checkup and cleaning performed by a dentist twice each year. Here at Pamela Crumrine DDS, we will remove all traces of plaque and hardened tartar from your teeth while examining your mouth for early signs of gum disease, tooth decay and... Read more »

Improve Your Summer Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve your summer smile with cosmetic dentistry, which consists of dental treatments that can enhance your aesthetic appearance. Some cosmetic treatments are used to repair the appearance and function of broken or damaged teeth, while others are designed to replace missing or lost teeth. Listed below are some astonishing cosmetic... Read more »

The Link Between Aging and Oral Health

The link between aging and oral health is well documented. Not only can your oral health be the first indicator of a serious ailment in your body, but it can also be an indicator of declining health as we age. Fortunately, your smile can stay strong throughout your lifetime if... Read more »

What Are Dental Veneers Used For?

What are dental veneers used for? Dental veneers are a sturdy tooth restoration treatment that can not only enhance your smile, but they can also conceal and cover up many negative or unrepairable aspects of it. Dental veneers work by crafting a thin yet durable shell that is cemented directly... Read more »

Caring for a Dental Crown

A dental crown has been placed on a tooth by Dr. Pam Crumrine to support it and restore it to its former shape, size, and strength. But now what? How do you care for your dental crown, and thus maintain your oral health? After having a dental crown placed, as... Read more »

Restore Your Smile with Dentures

No matter your age, the risk for oral accident or injury is always present. Because the last of your permanent teeth grow in when you are only a teen, the dangers for permanent tooth loss follow can follow you for many decades. However, permanent tooth loss does not mean you... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Basics

While you brushing your teeth, move the brush in small circles so you clean out any food particles that could be trapped beneath your gum line. You should also hold your toothbrush at an angle and gently and meticulously brush all the surfaces of your teeth and the front and... Read more »

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Prevention in Children

Tooth decay and gum disease prevention in children is just as important as it is for adults. Caring for their teeth and gums early on their life can assure the greatest likelihood of oral health care success later on down the road. Teaching them at a young age how to... Read more »