The Best Accessory

No matter the outfit this holiday season, one thing will outshine every accessory: a beautiful smile! We have many teeth-whitening options ranging from in-office to take-home. All are affordable and easy. Click on the "Teeth Whitening" tab (beneath the drop-down menu for "Services") on our Home page for answers to... Read more »


I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity in my blog to give a huge shout-out to my amazing staff. They have my back and the backs of my patients. My staff members are constantly on the phones, their computers, Facebook, etc., working for each of my... Read more »

Sodium Content of Sports Drinks

It always amazes me what can be advertised as one thing when actually it is another. Take Gatorade, for example. Have you ever noticed the amount of sodium in Gatorade? If you haven’t looked for yourself, it has 250 mg of sodium! That's 11% of the U.S. daily recommended allowance... Read more »

Forego the Sports Drinks

If you are raising an athlete, chances are you have purchased a case of sports drinks at least once. Have you ever read the nutrition label? They are loaded with electrolytes; however, they are also loaded with calories and sugar. Your athletic powerhouse could be much better served with a... Read more »

A Few Thoughts About Vitamin Water

You may think with a name like “Vitamin Water” this would be a no-brainer; however, you might want to rethink that! The nutrition label would be a great place to start. The calorie count alone is mind-blowing! In 20 fluid ounces you are about to consume 120 calories. I thought... Read more »

What Does a Dentist Pass Out to Trick-or-Treaters?

I have to admit it: I buy full-size Hershey bars. I live on a busy corner in my small town and am well known for doing so. We get more than 400 trick-or-treating kids — all in costume. I love these two hours of mayhem. My husband and I patiently... Read more »

Don’t Skip the X-rays

Too many times when a patient presents with a broken tooth, I will look back through the records and realize that the patient opted not to have X-rays taken during previous check-ups. When a patient makes this decision, it’s usually for monetary reasons. While I can certainly understand this concern,... Read more »

You Are What You Eat

Is poultry really as healthy as we are led to believe? Considering all the antibiotic usage, overcrowding, the types of chickens raised for everyday American consumption, poultry is probably not healthy, in my opinion. If you are truly eating free-range poultry, organically fed, perhaps you have a point. I believe... Read more »

Grow a Garden With Your Child

As harvest time draws to a close, I am reminded why my husband and I started gardening as a young couple. In fact, we both grew up gardening with our parents. The idea is, if you grow vegetables, you will eat vegetables. I have always felt this way. As our own... Read more »

Be Wary of Ensure and Other Nutritional Supplements

I was recently made aware of the ingredients contained in meal substitutes which are often given to medically compromised patients or those unable to eat a regular diet for one reason or another. Pathetically, these products are not only full of chemicals which are difficult to pronounce, but the second... Read more »