You Are What You Eat

Is poultry really as healthy as we are led to believe? Considering all the antibiotic usage, overcrowding, the types of chickens raised for everyday American consumption, poultry is probably not healthy, in my opinion. If you are truly eating free-range poultry, organically fed, perhaps you have a point. I believe... Read more »

Grow a Garden With Your Child

As harvest time draws to a close, I am reminded why my husband and I started gardening as a young couple. In fact, we both grew up gardening with our parents. The idea is, if you grow vegetables, you will eat vegetables. I have always felt this way. As our own... Read more »

Be Wary of Ensure and Other Nutritional Supplements

I was recently made aware of the ingredients contained in meal substitutes which are often given to medically compromised patients or those unable to eat a regular diet for one reason or another. Pathetically, these products are not only full of chemicals which are difficult to pronounce, but the second... Read more »

Get the Floss Out of the Drawer and Onto the Counter!

I have to admit it… I'm a bit of a clean freak. I despise clutter. So, when I am suggesting that you put the floss on your counter, believe me, I’m speaking to myself, as well. I personally used to keep my floss in the drawer, but I have found... Read more »

Time for a New Brush Head?

If you are using one of the many powerbrushes on the market, you are likely experiencing a significantly higher level of cleaning than the manual brush owner. I have long been a fan of the powerbrushes, particularly the Sonicare line. That being said, it’s very important to be mindful of... Read more »

The School-Age Child and the Eruption of Teeth

Around six years of age most children will begin to experience change in dentition. Some will lose their lower front two teeth and two permanent teeth will emerge in their place. Other children will notice new six-year molars erupt in the back of the mouth. One molar will be in... Read more »

Relief of Autoimmune Disease Symptoms by Following a Paleo Diet

After discovering that she had an autoimmune disease, Dr. Pamela Crumrine struggled to find relief from her symptoms until she followed the Paleo Diet with an autoimmune protocol. Basically, the Paleo Diet, first developed by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., seeks to mimic the food intake of our pre-agricultural ancestors. These hunter-gatherer... Read more »

Keeping TMJ Symptoms at Bay

One of the biggest culprits in overstimulation of the muscles surrounding the TMJ area is caffeine. Removing caffeine can often help with symptoms, if not entirely eliminate them. Sugar is also a muscle stimulant. When you remove these two components from your diet (remember, chocolate contains both!), patients often find... Read more »

Take Care of Your Toothbrush for a Beautiful Smile

You eat well, you brush and floss every day, and you want to know what else you can do to help your smile. Something to ask yourself is how well are you taking care of your toothbrush? Are you letting it be as effective as it can be? To keep... Read more »

Are Cavities Contagious?

Dental caries (the correct term for the disease that happens to teeth when decay is occurring) is contagious. The cavity that your dentist told you was there? Yep! Contagious. It's a disease process. And just as disease is contagious, so is a cavity. So, think twice before kissing that cute... Read more »