Relief of Autoimmune Disease Symptoms by Following a Paleo Diet

After discovering that she had an autoimmune disease, Dr. Pamela Crumrine struggled to find relief from her symptoms until she followed the Paleo Diet with an autoimmune protocol. Basically, the Paleo Diet, first developed by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., seeks to mimic the food intake of our pre-agricultural ancestors. These hunter-gatherer... Read more »

Keeping TMJ Symptoms at Bay

One of the biggest culprits in overstimulation of the muscles surrounding the TMJ area is caffeine. Removing caffeine can often help with symptoms, if not entirely eliminate them. Sugar is also a muscle stimulant. When you remove these two components from your diet (remember, chocolate contains both!), patients often find... Read more »

Take Care of Your Toothbrush for a Beautiful Smile

You eat well, you brush and floss every day, and you want to know what else you can do to help your smile. Something to ask yourself is how well are you taking care of your toothbrush? Are you letting it be as effective as it can be? To keep... Read more »

Are Cavities Contagious?

Dental caries (the correct term for the disease that happens to teeth when decay is occurring) is contagious. The cavity that your dentist told you was there? Yep! Contagious. It's a disease process. And just as disease is contagious, so is a cavity. So, think twice before kissing that cute... Read more »

Three Simple Tips for Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Would you like to keep your teeth looking their whitest? Here are three simple, do-it-yourself methods that you can try at home for maintaining a beautiful smile. First and foremost, drink more water. Dilute the dark, pigmented foods and beverages (especially things like ketchup and soy sauce, which folks often... Read more »

Three Wonderfully Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities

Are you looking for easy ways to keep cavities at bay? Here are my top three favorite things for you to do at home to help prevent cavities: 1. Drink more water - The best choice at meal time and in between is always water. It dilutes the acidic foods... Read more »

Reap the Benefits of Adult Fluoride Varnish

Let's take a minute to discuss the importance of adult fluoride varnish. The latest dental research concluded that adults who get fluoride varnish applications at their cleaning appointments have significantly fewer cavities at their next check-up. The fluoride actually assimilates into the structure of the tooth, making it stronger. This... Read more »

Straws vs. Sippy Cups

For children ready to venture off the bottle and onto bigger and better things, what should a parent choose? I get asked this a lot. As a dental professional, I can tell you that the best choice when drinking water is to teach your child to drink from a cup.... Read more »

Careful Shopping Can Help You Find the Right Toothpaste

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day as the first step of an effective, daily oral hygiene routine. Along with flossing once each day, this will help to remove plaque and food particles from your mouth and prevent tartar from hardening on your teeth. Finding the... Read more »

Your Dental Checkup Can Be a Good Time to Have Dental Sealants Applied to Your Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental checkup and cleaning performed by a dentist twice each year. Here at Pamela Crumrine DDS, we will remove all traces of plaque and hardened tartar from your teeth while examining your mouth for early signs of gum disease, tooth decay and... Read more »