Signs and Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

Generally, most people don’t like to be in pain—but it can be unavoidable. Sadly, some of the most intense pain originates from our mouths. It can hinder our ability to eat and smile, and simply make us miserable. To make matters worse, when an infections does occur in our mouth,... Read more »

The Differences Between Complete and Partial Dentures

If you’re interested in restoring your oral health with dentures in Beaver, Pennsylvania, but you’re not sure what the differences are between complete and partial dentures, then our Pamela Crumrine DDS team is here to help you! There are many differences between the two appliances, and the differences are: Complete... Read more »

The Tips You Need to Take Care of Your Injured Smile

Having an injured smile can be terrifying and discouraging all at the same time. However, there are things you can do to improve the situation, and our dedicated dental team is more than happy to help you do just that! Today, Dr. Pamela Crumrine would like to give you the tips... Read more »

Ditching the Syringe with Computerized Local Anesthesia

Most of us at one point or another will need some kind of pain control during a dental procedure. Depending on the severity of the procedure, local anesthesia might be necessary. But traditional anesthesia delivery methods, paradoxically, can cause significant discomfort or even pain, and some people greatly fear needles.... Read more »

The Benefits of Choosing to Correct Your Smile With a Dental Crown

There are many reasons why you should choose to improve your smile with a dental crown, and some of those reasons are because this beneficial restoration can: Fix many issues - A dental crown can help your smile in many ways. It can: - Improve the overall appearance of your... Read more »

Plaques Should Be On The Wall, Not On Your Teeth

You hear of plaque when you visit your dentist. You get rid of plaque when you brush your teeth. You know that plaque can cause cavities. But do you know exactly what plaque is made of, how it causes cavities, and what it can become? Learn more about what plaque... Read more »